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The pages you are entering present a newly reconstructed

medical bathhouse PRAHA,

which is situated in the Prague quarter of Luhačovice spa. Luhačovice is the largest Moravian spa with a tradition of many years‘ standing. It lies 250 m above the sea level which makes it an excellent location for treating number of diseases, specially airways related, but also many others. Luhačovice and its surroundings are, apart from other things, considered to be a climatic spa. Abundance of woods, beautiful surroundings and absence of industry in its vicinity provide so much desired air quality in this recreational and spa area which is situated in the Bílé Karpaty region.

Medical Bathhouse PRAHA

In the vicinity of the bathhouse (up to 150m) there is a sports facility, a mini-golf course, a tennis court (in winter indoor and heated) and a bowling alley. The bathhouse is located in the pedestrian zone of Jurkovič avenue which will lead you, after a 10 minute walk, to the Luhačovice dam (suitable for swimming). There are also numerous winter and summer footpaths, cross-country skiing tracks, and a 250m long ski piste right in the centre of the town. The bathhouse is approximately 500m from the spa colonnade.

Medical Bathhouse PRAHA offers mostly single and 2-bed rooms but there are also several 3 and 4-bed rooms. They are fitted with shower, toilet, telephone, TV and radio/alarm clock.

Medical Bathhouse PRAHA – suite Medical Bathhouse PRAHA – suite 2

Hotel restaurant with a bar has 140 seats. The confectionery has 26 seats. During summers there is an outside beer garden with 80 seats; near the indoor swimming pool there is an open relaxation area with deckchairs for sunbathing. Our guests can also relax on the four open terraces placed on both the eastern and the western side of the house. There are free dancing parties taking place in the hotel restaurant on Sunday afternoons, Wednesday and Friday evenings.

There is a lounge which can be used for various social events, a fitness room (free admission for the guests), a gym with a table tennis table and a billiard table.

Medical Bathhouse PRAHA – Restaurant  Medical Bathhouse PRAHA – Confectionery

Pleasant moments can be enjoyed in an indoor swimming pool which is 1,3 m deep. It is also equipped with various grab rails. Its size (12,5 x 4–8 m) makes it an ideal place to swim. The pool water is treated only with ozone instead of the typically used chlorine. That means no unhealthy chemicals, just water and oxygen. The pool is suitable both for rehabilitation exercise and for an afternoon relaxing swim, which is aided by the cheerful wall paintings. Its columns, frescos and wide windows opening into the beautiful surroundings invite you to enjoy the atmosphere of classical bathhouse and make you, at least for a while, feel like a Roman patrician. Even the paving seems to echo the classical mosaics. Only our bit of ancient Rome serves the sick and the disabled to regain their health. There is also a Finnish sauna and a rehabilitation walk with hot and cold water including whirlpool bath and foot massage.

Medical Bathhouse PRAHA – swimming pool

Therapeutic procedures are placed "under the same roof” on the ground floor of the buildning. These can be prescribed to you after a consultation with our expert physician.

We are offering i.e. electrotherapy, underwater massage, bubble and carbon dioxide baths, various bath additives, paraffin and mud body wraps, inhalation, Scottish showers, therapeutic exercise, various massages and many others.

Since 2007 we increasingly focus on prevention, therefore we have bought several medical diagnostic devices. Our staff completed number of trainings, seminars and courses, we bought new therapeutic devices and widened the scope of services. We have started to collaborate with many renowned specialist, i.e. MD Alexandr Fesenko who works in Bratislava. Several days in a month he also has office hours in Medical Bathhouse PRAHA and provides services for our patients and others who come to see him. MD Alexandr Fesenko specializes not only in modern western medicine but he has also studied Chinese and Korean medicine directly in China. He specializes in diagnostics and preventive medicine and uses a very complex method of regeneration of human organism. To assess health condition he uses several diagnostic methods; besides the FLEET-Voll device he also employs iris diagnosis and non-invasive blood examination on the AMP machine.

Our business policy is focused mainly on domestic clientele, private spa patients, the disabled, senior citizens, fitness and restorative stays for companies and civic associations, weight loss stays, family stays focused on therapeutic treatments, weekend stays and newly, from the year 2008, we have introduced a special 2-week detoxication stay.

Our medical department provides complex services for outpatients who were sent by their own specialists.